Best Barber Shop in Myrtle Beach, SC (South Carolina)

 This is the Best Barber Shop in SC, (South Carolina).

The best barber shops that knows you best – a guy or gal whose steady hands shaped the ‘dos of your father, and his father. As with doctors, skill is paramount, but a warm demeanor and a deep knowledge of your personal quirks are close runners-up. But say you’ve just moved to South Carolina, or your old barber has come down with a wild, madness? A barber is one of the most important people a man can cultivate a relationship with in his life. But even the best relationship with the best barber shop.

 Best Barber Shop SC (South Carolina)

“Without the right haircut, you’re going to struggle with styling on a day-to-day basis. Get the cut right and easy hair styling in between haircuts will naturally follow. There are a few ways to find a great barber, the best being a personal recommendation. If you know someone with a good cut, ask where he gets it done. Building a good relationship with your barber is also key. He or she can, and should, advise you on head shape, suitable styles, and the right length. As soon as you’re happy with the finished result, get advice on the right product for you. Be sure to book your appointments in advance. If you don’t book in advance you run the risk of not being fit in and you’ll have to go elsewhere, which could end up ruining all that hard work with a sub-standard cut.”

Best Barber Shop SC

Best Barber Shop

Mr. Stanko suggests cutting the hair first, then dyeing, so there’s less hair to bleach, however he warns that it’s the natural hair color that determines how long the procedure will take, not length. “The darker it is, the harder it is to bleach,” he says, noting that, unless your hair is already quite light, expect to spend a couple of hours at your local salon. “It’s a two part job,” he explains. “First there’s the lightening, but then there’s the toning. Think of it as stripping a piece of furniture and then shellacking it with varnish.”

For a drastic look like this — and it is drastic — Stanko highly suggests avoiding over-the-counter dyes and, instead, seeing a professional. “Nine times out of 10, you’ll end up with what I call ‘blorange,’ he says, referring to a blonde-orange mix. Even people who want to avoid seeing a colorist may end up having to make the trip, if only to fix a dye job gone rogue. Instead, Stanko suggests bringing in some pictures of what you’d like it to look like from Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, so the colorist has a visual guide. Plus, it helps to plan out the cut and color at the same time. “You can see the lifestyle of the person that they’re trying to emulate, which is really helpful,” he says.

As for maintenance, Stanko says to loosen up and have some fun, and let go of the idea that dark roots are bad. “Rock the vampire-chic look for a while, then get a trim. Roots on a bleached head, it’s a hot look. That’s telling the world ‘Screw you, I’m cool, and I don’t need some Upper East Side perfect look.” he says. “You have to embrace the journey.”